It is not only the delectable food and elegant presentation that differentiates Carol Jean's Fine Cuisine - it is the inspiration and spirit that guides our intent of creating a most unique, lovely and memorable experience for you. 

Carol Jean Fraase and Sara Workman prepare your requested nibbles or morsels in an environment that stimulates the senses.  When you visit our country garden premises at Fraase Farm in New Berlin, Illinois, you may plan your menu while listening to birdsong, wind humming through chimes or appreciating the beautiful landscape.  We call it our office of "ferns and fountains".

We delight in preparing personalized, homemade dishes that are perfect matches for any occasion.  We find joy in the gratification that comes from:

  • Newlyweds enjoying their
    receptions worry-free
  • Birthday celebrations pulled
    off without a hitch
  • Corporate executives or legislators enjoying a healthy, energizing lunch
  • Marriage engagements made during private champagne picnics
  • Cooking classes for apron-clad chefs-in-training
  • Hosts and hostesses appreciating pleasing guests - in their own homes!
  • Any special event where the attendees depart fully satisfied
    and the hosts can relax with a smile

Carol Jean's Fine Cuisine services can be enjoyed in our colorful gardens at Fraase Farm or delivered to your home, place of work or a location of your choice within two hours (or so) drive of New Berlin, Illinois.

From the first course to the final crumb, you will know that you and your guests are in capable, dependable and caring hands. 

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